Matt Day Signature Camera Strap

Matt Day Signature Camera Strap

When we started discussing the perfect camera strap with our buddy Matt Day, we were delighted that his vision was in perfect lockstep with ours. Beautiful in its minimalism, functional in its simplicity, we zeroed in on the details—the thickness of the leather, the dimensions, the color and tannage of the leather, etc—to bring to life Matt’s vision of the perfect camera strap.

"I’ve always loved leather camera straps, but no matter how many I bought, they were never perfect. Too long. Too short. Too thin. Too stiff. Too much. 

This is a simple strap that looks great, made to last, with no gimmicks. Just the right length that you can wear it across your body, around your neck, on your shoulder, or wrapped around your hand as you’re on the street. This should be the last camera strap you need to buy." - Matt Day

The MD Camera Strap is cut from robust yet supple full grain English Bridle leather, this strap will break in quickly and only grow more beautiful as it ages and picks up personal character and patina. 1/2” wide x 43” long. 6 oz thickness. 16mm black ring (attached) and 20mm nickel plated ring. Handmade in California.




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