TT Signature Guitar Strap

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I've been making and using these straps on my guitars for several years now, and it's honestly one of the top requests I get. The aim is pretty simple: a straight forward, no frills guitar strap that feels comfortable and wears well. I don't really care for adjustability—I know where I like my guitars to sit—and the three holes account for any variance in how different guitars sit on my body. I've experimented with different treatments of the underside but landed back on leaving it raw. It's the perfect amount of grip/slide for me, especially after it breaks in. The straight-forwardness of this strap may not be for everyone, but this is exactly how I like it, and hopefully, it'll fit the needs of some of you as well. - Teppei

1.75" wide and cut from 8oz Natural Veg Tan leather that will pick up tons of patina and character with age and use (see pictures). Three holes of adjustability in 2" increments. Available in three sizes:

Small: 42"-46"

Medium: 48"-52"

Large: 54"-58"

Measurements are taken from center to center of the strap button holes. Please measure you current strap to reference your personal measurement. Please contact us with any questions about sizing or anything else. Due to the nature of this leather, we cannot accept returns on anything but 100% unused products.


Note: Our natural veg tan is full-grain leather, meaning the top layer of the leather is left undisturbed and in its natural state. This means the inclusion of inconsistencies and "blemishes", which bring out the inherent individual quality of the leather. This also means the leather is stronger, as the strongest part of the leather—the grain—is left fully intact.