Mexico Pacho Viejo Recipe

sleepwalk coffee pour-over Mexico Pacho Viejo roasted coffee

Here’s a recipe we came up with that brings the best out of our Mexico Pacho Viejo. The result is a juicy cup that sees the fruit notes coming to the forefront and even brings out a touch of floral. It’s based off Tetsu Kasuya’s Switch recipe, only loosely adapted for a V60. The fundamental idea is that most of the desirable flavors are extracted in the first couple pours, so the first part of the brew will focus on extraction, while the latter half will dial back extraction by dropping the water temp and mellowing out the pour.

Brew Overview

Coffee: 15 grams, medium-fine grind
Water: 240 grams @ 198° F
Ratio: 16:1
Brew time: 3:00

Brew Equipment

V60 + V60 filter
Gooseneck kettle w/temperature control
Burr grinder


  1. Pour 35g and wait 45 secs for the bloom. Make sure to put the kettle back on the heater to keep the temp at 198° F.
  2. Pour to 100g. This should take around 20 secs. Put kettle back on heater. Give the brewer a gentle swirl to knock the grounds off the walls and even out the bed. Wait until the water has drawn down and is just above the bed of grounds to start your second pour.
  3. Pour to 175g and repeat the same steps as the first pour, except instead of keeping the water at 198° F, we’ll add some room temp water to drop the temp down to around 155° F.
  4. Third and final pour will be to 240g. Pour gently and from higher up so the stream just starts to spatter. The idea here is to create less agitation of the grounds to mellow out extraction.
  5. Serve and enjoy!
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