Explore the Dual Flavors of Rwanda Muhororo Coffee

Rwanda Muhororo roasted coffee: Sleepwalk Ltd Coffee

Discover the Dual Delights of Rwanda Muhororo Natural

Embark on a flavorful journey with our Rwanda Muhororo natural, crafted from the same extraordinary bean, roasted in two distinct ways to captivate your senses.

Light Roast:
Our light roast offers a gentle and nuanced exploration of the Rwanda Muhororo bean. With natural processing that reveals its true character, you'll savor notes of guava, peach, and a delicate rose floral aroma. This coffee is uniquely delicate and inherently natural.

Medium Roast:
Our medium roast unveils the rich and comforting side of Rwanda Muhororo. Expect notes of chocolate, red grape, and molasses. Perfect for espresso or iced drinks. We've especially enjoyed it as a Japanese-style (flash chilled) iced coffee for a brighter cup that accentuates the red grape notes.

Two roasts, one exceptional bean – Rwanda Muhororo. Explore its diverse personalities. Whether you're seeking a delicate and floral experience or a medium-bodied cup, this bean has something special to offer. #FlavorJourney

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