Rwanda Muhororo Red Bourbon Natural

Rwanda Muhororo Natural


REGION: Nyamasheke, Western

FARMER/GROWER: Celestin and Marie Rumenerangabo and 236 other households

VARIETIES: Red Bourbon


The Muhororo washing station is where over 200 households bring their coffee cherries to be processed. The coffee is freshly pulped and fermented for 12-14 hours, fully washed, and then dried on raised beds for 12-15 days. The story of Muhororo coffee starts in 1973 with Celestin Rumenerangabo, who, after working for three years as a housekeeper in Kigali, returned to Nyamasheke to purchase land and plant his first 380 coffee trees. He then traded parchment and cherry with neighbors and brokers and expanded the family business by distributing scales and milling equipment, building collection sites, establishing new farms, and supporting education for children from coffee-growing families.

In 1994, the genocide in Rwanda displaced many families, including Celestin and his wife Marie. They fled to Idjwi Island in Lake Kivu but returned to Rwanda with their six children in 1998 to rebuild their family business, which was nearly destroyed during the genocide. In 2006, the family built their first washing station, which was later sold due to the competition from larger companies. The family, however, remained committed to social responsibility and reopened two washing stations in 2014, Gasharu and Muhororo, which began exporting in 2019.

Muhororo Coffee's primary goal is to provide high-quality coffee to roasters while investing in the local community and social development projects. They offer work at the washing station, cash advances on coffee, cover education and healthcare costs, and even contribute to farmers' weddings. The family also plans to construct a daycare facility at the Muhororo station and further economic development through livestock. Additionally, Muhororo Coffee gives 4,000 new coffee trees to local growers each year and facilitates training on sustainable and environmentally friendly farming.

Embark on a flavorful journey with our Rwanda Muhororo natural, crafted from the same extraordinary bean, roasted in two distinct ways to captivate your senses.

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sleepwalk ltd roasted coffee Rwanda natural

Rwanda Rwanda Muhororo Natural | Roasted Coffee

Tasting notes: Guava, peach, rose

A nuanced natural processed coffee with notes of guava and stone fruit that gently give way to a floral, rose-like aroma. Hints of dried strawberry and watermelon. Soft citrus acidity with a silky mouthfeel. Uniquely delicate, yet distinctly a natural.

Rwanda Muhororo Natural - Sleepwalk Ltd Coffee

Rwanda Muhororo Natural | Medium Roast

Tasting notes: Chocolate, red grape, molassess

Dark chocolate up front, followed by fruity, slightly tart/tannic notes that conjure ripe red grape. A molasses-sweetness with hints of dried dates that lingers. Nicely balanced between chocolatey, fruity, and sweet.